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Powerful, Long Range E-Bikes

Swiftup ebikes are energy-efficient, enjoyable, and a great way to get around, get outdoors and have fun doing it.

Conquer the trails, mountains, pathways and more with these powerful eBikes that can go the distance. Combine your own peddling efforts with the strength of the motor of a SwiftUp electric bicycle and see how it makes the difference! Now you can hit the outdoors and enjoy nature with an energy-efficient bike that is a lot of fun to ride.

All Terrain

SwiftUp has tested their bikes and when it comes to our selection, no terrain remains off-limits. From steep uphill slopes to rocky mountain trails to muddy paths, we have a bike that can handle it. Confidently take your eBike with you wherever you want to go knowing it can handle anything with an exceptional all terrain capacity.

Fast and Easy to Use

These eBikes are made to go fast. They're also very rider-friendly and are easy to use, making them the perfect bicycle whether you're an experienced cyclist or just starting out. A brushless motor helps SwiftUp eBikes go up to 28 M.P.H. and they are capable of getting you to your destination in a timely fashion or giving you that power boost when you need it on outdoor rides.

Green Way

Help save the planet and go green with a SwiftUp eBike. They are entirely powered by the rider and can store up a reserve of power to use when you need it. It's so easy and fun and with zero pollution emitted, it's a great alternative to driving a vehicle.

Support your health and wellness and the planet

Check out which ebike is best fit for you

Whether you prefer the Fat Tire, love the Step Through design, or want a Sport Bike that can handle challenging terrain, there's a bike that's right for everybody. Check out these eBikes and find the one that's the best fit for you!

A suspension absorbs impacts from below, thus keeping your bike running steadily even when you ride over bumpy roads or paths.
Electric bikes or eBikes can be one of the best ways to commute and travel. With the popularity of electric bikes growing every day...
Lithium-ion batteries are high-performance devices that can store and use energy in large amounts...

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