Electric Foldable Bike Fat Tire 20in 750W Bafang Motor

Electric Foldable Bicycle 2023 Model
Comes with a more Powerful Motor and Rear Brake Lights

This electric foldable bike is perfect for any terrain, with its 20in fat tires and 750W Bafang motor. It allows you to explore every path, and get to your destination faster than ever. The bike is lightweight yet powerful, offering a fast and reliable ride.


Ready for an electrifying ride that combines convenience and adventure? Look no further! This brand new electric bicycle is here to transform your daily commute and outdoor escapades.

🚲 Key Features:
✅ Foldable Design: Easily store and transport your bike wherever you go. Perfect for city dwellers and travelers!
✅ 20" Fat Tires with Front Suspension: Enjoy a smooth and stable ride on any terrain.
✅ Powerful 750W Bafang Motor: Accelerate quickly and conquer hills effortlessly.
✅ Long-Lasting 15Ah Battery: Travel further without worrying about running out of power.
✅ Sleek Black Color: Ride in style with our timeless black e-bike.
✅ Versatile 7 Gears: Adapt to your riding needs, whether in the city or on off-road trails.

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48V 750W gearless brushless Bafang hub-motor
Max speed
28 MPH
48V 15AH lithium battery with key
1:1 PAS mode, 55-65 MILES
12 months(Motor & Battery)
Initiating mode
PAS and throttle
AC100V-240V,42V 2A input CE/UL Certification
Charging time
5-7 hours
48V Intelligent brushless
330lb (150kg)
6061 Aluminum alloy
Wheel rim
Aluminum alloy double wall
Front fork
Suspension aluminum alloy
Front brake
160 disc brake
Rear brake
 160 disc brake
Kenda 26"*2.35
 7 Speed with derailleur
Five adjustable speed, 1:1 pedal assistant
Brake lever
Conjointed shifter with power cut -off brake
Shuangye LCD3 with electric brake,USB LED light
Soft bike saddle
Seat tube
Aluminum alloy
Front light
3W LED headlight with USB charging port
N.W: 55lb (25kg) G.W: 70lb (32kg)
Carton size
136*29*85 cm

SwiftUp Ebikes

Go outdoors and enjoy doing it with SwiftUp eBikes! These energy-efficient electric bicycles are the perfect way to get about, easy to use, and can handle any terrain thanks to their powerful, long-range battery-powered brushless motors.

If you want to bike more, enjoy the great outdoors, and have fun doing it, these are the Ebikes for you. There are three different models to choose from, each with their own unique applications, design, and abilities. Check out SwiftUp's Fat Tire, Step Through, and Sport Mountain eBike and see which style may be right for you!

LCD Display

SwiftUp eBikes come with a powered LCD Display that displays different information to the rider. Check out your battery capacity, motor power, riding speed, trip distance and even the temperature outside with this waterproof display at the front of your bike.

Brushless Motor

Power up with a brushless motor that will help you go the distance! SwiftUp offers 500 and 750 watt motor options that store power from your pedaling and then lets you access it for a boost at any time. Designed with efficiency in mind, these brushless motors are top of the line and an integral part of SwiftUp eBikes' overall design.

Front Wheel Suspension

SwiftUp eBikes come with a quick front wheel release attached to the bike wheel that has high heat dispersion and tolerance. It not only holds the bike wheel on but allows for quick and easy access to the bike wheel. If you get a flat or need to switch out your tire or make your bike fit into the back of a vehicle or certain space, this 160-m.m. Dual Tektro Disc Brake quick front wheel release makes the process nearly effortless.

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