What Type Of eBike Is Right For You?

What Type Of eBike Is Right For You?

Electric bikes or eBikes can be one of the best ways to commute and travel. With the popularity of electric bikes growing every day, people want to buy bikes like these that are mainly operated with the help of motors and batteries. 

What's more, eBikes have one of the biggest advantages over normal bikes, making them way more convenient. Are you looking forward to buying one of the top-rated eBikes? Well, you are in the right place as you will get a complete and detailed buying guide for your electric bike.

What is an electric bike?

Before focusing on the buying guide for your electric bike, you need to know what an eBike is. The electric bike or eBike is just like any other bicycle, but it comes with an electric motor. 

So, as a rider, you will have two options to ride your bike; 1) use the power of the pedal to ride the bike or  2) let the motor assist you while riding. It can be faster than normal bicycles, but it doesn't require any license or insurance to ride. 

There are two types of eBikes; mountain eBike and city or road eBike. Different eBikes come with different speed limits that you need to think about when buying one.

Buying guide for eBike

We have a simple guide to assist you in your buying decision if you want to buy an eBike and you're confused about which one to buy. 

The guide will help you understand eBikes and the types or features better, enabling you to make a sound decision in buying the right electric bike for your needs.

  1. Understanding the classes of bikes

The electric bikes, generally, are divided into three classes - Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. This is done to represent the level of motor assistance you will get. When you are buying an eBike, you have to figure out which class of eBike you will need. This is a crucial point of decision.

Class 1: This is perfect for beginners as the motors of Class 1 eBikes kick in only when the rider is pedaling. But the motor stops helping you once you get up to 20 mph.

Class 2: It features pedal assistance mode of up to 20 mph along with a throttle-powered mode.

Class 3: Just like the Class 1 eBikes, these eBikes are solely assisted by pedaling. The only difference is that you can reach the 28 mph mark before the motor cuts out.

Class 1 eBikes are the most affordable ones and most suitable for new riders or beginners. You can use a Class 1 bike for riding on city streets through most of the bike paths. 

Class 2 eBikes, on the other hand, are mainly suitable for use in the same places as Class 1 eBikes but are way more advanced. 

Class 3 eBikes are quite popular among errand runners and commuters. They offer better performance, and you can keep up with traffic conditions a lot better.

  1. Hub vs Crank

The position of the motor in your eBikes can be found in two different places. They are either mounted on the front or back, i.e. hubs, or located on the pedal, i.e. the crank. 

So, when you buy an eBike, you have to decide whether you want a hub or a crank. Most mountain eBikes come with a crank assistance feature. Motors fitted on the pedal will offer more power. Therefore, it will be easier for you to deal with the undulating lands and hilly areas more efficiently.

But crank assist eBikes tend to be a bit noisier, and the motor tends to be more difficult to fit.

On the other hand, hub motors, i.e. the motors that present the front or back, are weaker in terms of power than the crank one. However, they are easier to maintain and much cheaper. But as technology is improving every day, the difference between the two types of eBikes is less noticeable. So, you can pick the right eBike based on what you need most - hub vs crank.

  1. Style of eBikes

The styles of the eBikes vary based on different types. To know which style is ideal for you, knowing all the details about every style is important. The main styles are as follow:

  • Urban and commuter eBike: These eBikes are designed so that you can travel across the city from one end to another. This is perfect for cycling on flat surfaces such as cycle paths or roads, which is why this Type of eBikes is called a city eBike. The eBikes have smaller wheels which are easier for the motors to accommodate Start and Stop.
  • MTB eBike: These are off-road mountain eBikes which are designed for cross country ride or downhill or enduro ride. These eBikes have wheels of 3 different sizes. In these electric bikes, the brakes and gears are much more efficient.
  • Hybrid eBike: These are a mixture of urban eBikes and mountain eBikes. Due to the amalgamation of both styles, it comes with a sturdy frame along with multipurpose tires and front suspension.
  • Folding eBike: These eBikes are excellent for students and commuters. They are exceptionally convenient with better technology, lighter weight and portability. It doesn't take much space for storage. So, you can take it with you while going on a vacation.
  1. Types of batteries

When you're buying an eBike, it is a known fact that it runs on a battery. You have to choose the right type of batteryfor the electric bike you choose. 

There are two different types of batteries available for eBikes - Lithium and Nickel. While Nickel batteries have slightly less storage, it comes with a great life span. 

On the other hand, Lithium batteries are much lighter in weight and have better storage than Nickel batteries. But the lifespan is shorter. You can check the capacities provided by every eBike, and they are stated in terms of watt-hours (Wh). This denotes the total number of hours the battery can sustain a watt of power before it discharges completely.

You have to know that the power of the eBike motor too plays a major role in how long your battery will last. When your electric bike has a 500-watt motor, and it is paired with a 500 Wh battery, it tends to drain the battery power a lot quicker.

Whereas an electric bike with the same 500 Wh battery along with a 250-watt motor will last longer. While the first example is commonly found in Class 3 eBikes, the second one is more common in Class 1 bikes.

  1. Types of motor in eBikes

Different types of eBikes come with different types of motors. These motors play a crucial role in any electric bikes as they determine how your bike will operate. There are mainly two types of machines available, i.e. Pedelec and Twist & Go.

Pedelec: The term itself refers to the bicycles that can monitor the power output of your pedaling. It can also add a certain amount of motorized assistance with different percentages ranging from 50% to 300%.

Twist & Go: Twist & Go eBikes were quite popular at a certain point in time. With just a turn of the switch, you can apply the power to get up to 15mph of speed with no need to pedal.

  1. Built of the eBike

The next thing that you have to consider is the build of the eBikes.

Most of these electric bikes are made up of aluminum. But recently, many bikes are available in other options like steel and carbon-fiber.

Frame material as well as design matter a lot for the durability and sturdiness of an electric bike. It also contributes to the total weight of the bike.

The heavier bikes don't perform well as the motor fails to make them run faster. As a result, a lighter bike will be more efficient. But that doesn't mean you have to choose a flimsy and nimble material. It has to be durable and sturdy but light in weight.

The lightweight and sleek eBikes made from the right material will provide you with a better and more efficient ride.


These are some of the most important things to consider when buying one of the top-rated eBikes. Besides the points covered over here, there are specific features you need to consider too. 

These are; LCD screen, smartphone integration, LED lighting etc. All of these are extra features you may want to think about. Tires also play a vital role in choosing the right eBike. Whether you prefer a sleek or narrow tire or one of the fat tire eBikes, you should choose based on your particular preferences. 

As you can see, it is imperative to know if the eBike you want is a good fit or not.

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