About Us

How did SwiftUp eBikes start? It all began with the desire to go for a bike ride.

One day we wanted to go out and get some fresh air with a bike ride. We had a bicycle designed for two people and decided why not take it for a spin? It had been some time since we'd taken it out, so we made sure to look at the tires to check the air, checked the gears and brakes, and took it out to give it a test ride.

Since it was only a trial run, we thought that going around the block would be a suitable test for the bike. It ended up being a good idea as we were close to home when the bike quickly got a flat. Getting back home was simple. The front tire had the flat, which made changing the tube out very easy. All we had to do was buy a new tube at the store to change out and we would be ready to give the bicycle another test spin.

For the second time, we decided to take the bike for a little longer with this test drive, and it was a huge success. The bike performed perfectly and the ride went smoothly without a hitch. It had gone so well that we felt confident enough to take it out on an actual ride the upcoming weekend. We were going to take it to a local trail that morning and find out more about how the bike would perform and the trail as well, since we'd never ridden it before. Hopefully it would stand up to the demands that an outdoor trail has.

We brought along some snacks and packed up some drinks in a backpack and made it to the trail. It was fun at the start, and we had plenty of energy. Between the two of us peddling the bike and our combined energy, it was almost like we rocketed through the entire trail. Before you know it, we were at the end. We found a good spot to rest and decided to eat some protein bars and have some of the drinks that we'd brought along. After spending a few minutes there sitting, we decided it was time to make the journey back on the trail.

By that point we were physically feeling a little tired. We didn't realize it at the time, but we had sped our way through eight miles and now had an eight-mile bike ride back ahead of us. We didn't fly back like we had the first time, going more slowly and feeling a little more fatigue in our legs. We finally made it back and while we were exhausted once we got home, it had been a good bike ride. I was looking forward to getting out on the bike again.

Some time after this ride, I remembered how electric bicycles could be made using electric bike conversion kits. Could I convert the bike I had using one to make it more than just a manually-peddled bike alone? We wanted to use the bike more on different trails and to explore, and thought that converting the bicycle might make those trips home just a little easier. I ordered a kit I found and waited. When it arrived weeks later, we started the process of installing it immediately the next day.

We assembled our tools, took off the rear wheel, and found out the frame wheel opening needed to be modified if it would work. We didn't want to do that, so the sudden journey was over. We were still excited about the idea of an electric bicycle, though, so we thought why not look into buying a bike that was already outfitted to be electric?

After browsing market-available models, we still didn't find something we loved. So we decided to get a bike made for us. With a great collaborator, we were able to get two styles made and eventually constructed. The first day we got them, we put one together. Most of it was assembled and after an hour of work, we decided to take it for a test drive.

The ride was incredible. This bike was even more amazing than I had anticipated. It felt light and rode great. With the motor off, it was just a regular high-performing bike, but with it on, the ride was totally enhanced. The next day we put the other bike together and took them for the ride on the trail we had taken with our manual bike.

Those sixteen miles flew by. Hundreds of miles and many different terrains later, we knew not only that these electric bicycles are durable and high-quality, but that we want to share them with everyone.

We put these eBikes into production, and that is how SwiftUp EBikes was begun. To this day, it is our goal to find and design the very best in eBikes and transportation devices so that whether you're on the road or on the trails, you always have a reliable ride to help you reach your destination.

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